When you see the Japanese parking facilities, you have to wear them

In the bone, the Chinese have no good impression towards Japan, but for Japan, we have to be convinced. Especially Japanese cars, TOYOTA, Honda is selling well around the world! The parking lot is against japan......
The automatic fare collection is actually a charging device. When your car stops in the parking lot, after the free parking time limit, the small sheet will automatically rise and pay off.


Double deck parking spaces, such as the upper and lower parking spaces, are common in many residential areas in china. The difference is that people really use double parking spaces in more than 90% of the domestic, are furnished。

45 degree cross parking, whether you are a driver or a novice, such parking spaces are able to cope with。

Ferris wheel parking lot
If your car is now on the top floor, select the vehicle, the top of the vehicle will gradually fall to the ground, while the lower vehicle to the other side, slowly climbing. In a simple way, what's the ferris wheel? What's it like?.