Traditional car VS new technology enterprises who will dominate the future of the auto industry?

Traditional and emerging technology companies who will dominate the future of the auto industry? This is the hot topic in the last six months. Recently joined two salons were asked, objectively speaking, that's a bad question.
The way I see it, in the car, "for this change, the machine that changed the world" before a new round of changes occurred, the auto industry must be firmly dominated by traditional auto companies, auto firms updated iteration speeds, subordinate and other companies are dominant. However, when the car of quantitative change accumulation and evolution after the change has occurred, rule will be rewritten in the car industry, who will be at the upper end of the industrial chain will be highly variable, and there is no doubt that conventional car company will cease to exist at this time.

If the three-wheeled vehicle invented in 1886 Karl Benz as Hyundai of the beginning of the year, then invented 1908 Ford model t, the establishment of lines of production are a qualitative change of the car. The key is, it makes the car is no longer a rich man's plaything, ordinary people can afford. Since this zhihou, despite car of performance and technology each a years are in changes, production level also in constantly upgrade, including Toyota founded fine benefits production, mass recently years proposed of module of production, but car of form and connotation are no occurred qualitative change, it still is a travel tool, put people from a to sent to another a to, just in different of market, label property of strength different.

Have to say, information technology and energy technology innovation and networking properties of the car of the car is slowly changing. Each car was formerly independent, the transmission of information is unidirectional, we only receive broadcasts, unable to interact with the broadcast, at most, are derived from several car pager, a limited exchange of information. Once cars can achieve interconnection between cars and cars, vehicles and transport facilities, and remote terminals, such as the Internet, cars will no longer be the car now. Of course, the automobile network is now beginning to take shape, and has already launched products are very basic, technical and performance is far from mature, even many attempts by users a lot of complaints, but no one can deny that this is the future trend.