Total sales of the best results over the years, the future of automotive fasteners can be expected

Total sales of the best results over the years, the future of automotive fasteners can be expected

Fasteners are widely used in a wide range of mechanical parts, in the structure, vehicles, equipment to play the role of connection and reinforcement. Fastener products, a wide range of products, a high degree of serialization, so there are specialized in the production of a series of fasteners. Zhejiang and Wenzhou, as a famous city of light industry, the fastener production and sales capacity can not be underestimated, the industry production scale is expected to reach 20 billion!

And, compared with previous years, Wenzhou City, the 200 companies have passed the product pass rate has reached 94%, which is the best performance over the years. Excellent quality and achievements are not separated.

Prospective industry research institute, China fastener industry sales report through the analysis of the industry, found that the outlook is very promising automotive fasteners!

Our common fasteners are screw, washer, pin, rivet, etc.. In the car, the other fasteners do not say, a single screw can be seen everywhere. Because of the mechanical strength and reliability requirements of the automotive fastener for the product is very high, which belongs to the high-end field of fastener industry, and the development situation of our country in this field is not optimistic. Therefore, the current point of view, the key parts of the car, such as the need for the engine fasteners still need to be imported, which is the process of China's auto localization is a constraint. So in the next phase, the automotive fasteners will become the industry's force point.

In addition, China's fastener industry in general products have been able to achieve export, but in the automotive industry is still the pain point of the industry. Recently, there are many countries on China's auto parts exports tariff reduction, which for the development of China's automotive fastener industry is a great good news.

At the same time, even from the development of the domestic car, the automotive fasteners will also usher in a huge development opportunities. Now, the mechanical strength has become one of the biggest problems that hinder China's automotive fastener industry development, and automotive fasteners manufacturing level of iron and steel smelting due to upstream and downstream rolling process have a high demand. Therefore the development of this industry segments urgently special steel production research and development, but also need to resolve process improvement in downstream rolling, to obtain higher accuracy, the two aspects of our automotive fasteners to the localization of the key.

Look at the international market, there are many large gap fasteners dominated by heavy industry countries, Russia as an example, because of their own do not produce construction fasteners, and the building industry is now the momentum is fierce, there is a great demand for the construction of fasteners. This is for Chinese enterprises, it is to enhance the quality, rely on the price advantage of an important opportunity for the market.