These classic cars must be opened once in this life!

When one is old, one will always miss this life. Miss the past, miss the past, Miss adolescence, miss the peak of life, and miss the bottom of life.
If you do not understand these cars, life is absolutely incomplete. Because they are either classic classics, or the best in a good car, or both.
Some of them, some so amiable and easy of approach. In any case, they're the most impressive cars on earth. After reading this, you'll probably understand what your life's goals are.
Volkswagen Beetle
1931 - Ferdinand Porsche described the first generation of the Volkswagen Beetle sketch, 1938 this human automobile industry the most representative models officially launched. As under Hitler, known as the national car Pratt & Whitney compact car, beetle led the German auto industry.


In 1981, the beetle sold 20 million units...... Its popularity can be imagined, the key is still, this is the first generation of beetles. Since the birth of 79 years, the only experienced two generation three generation models, and the second and third generation of beetle, the essence and the original design is exactly the same, round body, cute beetle fashion, always happy and carefree.


BMW, which was once the aircraft engine manufacturer, always adhere to the path of motion after the switch to cars, this is the brand's genes. Among the many BMW models, the most typical is the M3 based on compact sports cars.


Porsche 911
Needless to say, this is where the sports car is.
Every man should be driving a Porsche 911, its rear engine layout, rear drive or four-wheel drive set, the control performance almost like precision, heavy German textbooks and, let 911 be the dean of sports.


Mercedes Benz G-class
Obviously, this is the choice of a successful person. And beetle, 911 from birth to each change the minimum change, Mercedes Benz G-Class from the birth of 1979, the shape has never changed, even the door hinge is antique level exposed. Every time I get on the bus and close the door, it's like the closing of an old truck. I wonder if it's going back to the past.

On the old chassis, Mercedes Benz will use the latest engines and transmissions to re arm it every few years, and even AMG will launch a high-performance version of G63 and G65 that will keep G-Class's family growing. Anyway, it's definitely a good emotional investment to keep an G-Class before Mercedes does not know when it will really stop G-Class or make a big switch from the inside out.


Ferrari 488
Ferrari。 A standing companion in the summit of life

Ferrari represents the planet's most exciting, powerful, and most powerful driving machine. No man is immune to Ferrari (including women in fact). But we won't focus on the limited flagship such as hot pepper. In fact, Ferrari, a mid engine rear wheel drive, will be enough to satisfy one's whole life's desire.


Rolls-Royce Phantom
Ha ha, Ferrari's pressure on you is definitely not this big, right? But how can a real man have no ambition?

Is the car, the crown jewels: Rolls-Royce, known as the coin in the engine cover and driving cars will not fall down, the symbol of the ultimate comfort that describes a leisurely, supercilious, not anger from Granville imperial style. However, this is really nonsense.


Boys and girls, hurry up and dream...... No, it's hard work. Someday you might become the boss of an empire, and your dreams will come true.