The scale of China's robot industry is expanding rapidly

Guangzhou August 27 electric (reporter Guo Jun) in recent years, the rapid expansion of China's robot industry scale, has become the world's largest industrial robot application market. In the Industry Innovation Summit held in Guangzhou on 27 Chinese robot on the Chinese, the Ministry of industry and information technology equipment industry department deputy inspector Qian Minghua said, China robot industry in recent five years remained more than 20% growth rate, the first in July produced a total of 71 thousand and 600 units of industrial robots, an increase of 57%.
According to Li Yizhong, President of China Federation of industrial economy, last year, China's industrial robots sold 86 thousand units last year, an increase of 26.5%, accounting for 30% of the world's total, with more than 300 thousand units, accounting for more than 10% of the world.
Industry forecast, this year China's industrial robot sales may reach 110 thousand units, by 2020 more than 200 thousand units, an increase of nearly 2 times than in 2015. By 2020, the number of industrial robots will reach 1 million units.

Qian Minghua pointed out that in recent years, Chinese robot key technologies and key components of research breakthroughs, diverse application scenarios of industrial robots, service robots and special robots continue to expand, grow up a number of excellent enterprise innovation ability. In the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Northeast China gradually formed regional industrial agglomeration with distinctive features. Meanwhile, a number of internationally renowned enterprises have invested and set up factories in China, and achieved very good results. Overall, China's robotics industry will continue to maintain rapid growth for some time to come. In the market potential, openness, cooperation, intelligence and other aspects of good prospects for development.
The R & D, manufacturing and application of high-end manufacturing, represented by robots, has become an important symbol of a country's manufacturing level. Guangdong Provincial Commission by letter inspector Zou Sheng said that Guangdong province is a robot production and demand in the province, the Guangdong provincial government has formulated a series of policy documents and measures to cultivate the robot backbone enterprises, promote the development of leading enterprises to develop high-end, robot industrial park, and strive to create a good environment for industrial development, promoting industrial chain integral lifting.
According to reports, in addition to optimization, the development of robot backbone enterprises, Guangdong to implement inclusive policies on the production and application of the robot, including the local production of robots and robots are used to buy upgrade, 10%-20% respectively according to the contract amount of subsidies, so as to promote the robot to reduce costs, expand production, help the robot production enterprises to further enhance the quality of products. Guangdong finance has also begun to provide risk compensation for robots produced in Guangdong.
After years of efforts, Guangdong Province in the field of industrial robots and the key parts of the master of the long-term support of industrial development, to capture a number of serious long-term dependence, and the impact on industrial safety core high-end equipment, intelligent equipment industry chain gradually formed by industrial robots, new sensors, intelligent control system, automatic production as the representative of the line.
Before July of this year, Guangdong produced 12 thousand and 900 robots, an increase of 22.9%. Service robots and special robots are in the ascendant. A batch of leading enterprises with independent intellectual property rights, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned ships, and home service robots have emerged.
However, Li Yizhong analysis pointed out that the rapid development of China's industrial robot industry, but there are always problems of the industry's core competitiveness is not strong. First of all, the technical level is not high enough, independent brand rate is low, followed by the use of density to be improved, low-level redundant construction generally.
He suggested that the future development of China's robotics industry, the need to strengthen government guidance to promote, rational layout planning, strengthening industrial support and regional division of labor, forming a number of distinctive industrial groups. Avoid repeated construction. At the same time, to integrate the research development of power technology breakthroughs in key short board, to integrated application oriented, with a combination of research, to promote industrial development, the introduction of digestion and absorption of the combination of innovation, encourage international mergers and acquisitions, expanding its own brand products in the market share. (end)