The current status and Prospect of the development of RV Chinese


In recent years, China salooncar in market is more and more prosperous, more and more people began to love the RV, and even led to the foreign car market active, visible, the popularity of the salooncar in China how high. In fact, the salooncar in Chinese has hundreds of years history, China first car was born in the Qing Dynasty, the Germans for the Empress Dowager Ci Xi to create a limited edition "".


China car started late, RV Chinese 2001 first independent intellectual property rights of the line, then continue to move forward in the dark China car industry, more than 10 years, China car industry formed a certain scale, car sales to the enterprise independent marketing, formed a production - sales operation camp - club membership as a whole a complete industrial chain.

After decades of development of exploration, at present the domestic car market can be roughly summarized as follows:
1, the domestic car is at the start stage;
2, national policy hot direction;
3, a sustained rapid growth trend;
4, consumer demand is mainly concentrated in rv;
5, car trailer for the procurement of vehicles on the main camp, in 2015 the industry scale is about 400 taiwan.


RV travel is an important form of self driving tour, car shape, function and random stops inconvenient features, determines the RV travel than the general driving depends on camp services. Camping is a natural scenery, people can use their own camping facilities such as tents, caravans or cabins, camp rental cars, mobile villa travel a short time or long time to live, with sports recreation equipment and arrangements for recreational activities, performances with the public service facilities, occupies a certain area safe recreational small community. RV and camping tourism in China started late, nearly ten years, although the growth speed has also made remarkable achievements, but there are still a lot of hard soft issues. RV tourism development cannot do without a long-term effective sound environment, and China is from the following three aspects: improve the environment for the development of RV and camping tourism:


1, the basic conditions
There is a convenient highway network. In recent years our country highway network construction and the rapid development of highway mileage, ranking second in the world, laid the foundation for the accessibility of the car.
There are scenery - suitable for car travel rich tourism resources. The richness and level of tourism resources in our country are second to none in the world, but there is still much room for improvement and development of high quality tourism cluster and tourism destination.
2, the core conditions
Leisure - the right stage of tourism development. Automobile camp leisure era of tourism products, China's tourism development is experiencing a transition to a leisurely vacation tourism, consumer demand for new leisure products.
There is a car - self driving travel habits of prosperity. Chinese private car ownership has ranked second in the world, gave birth to the consumers to self drive travel travel * * customs; current car ownership is still very low, China auto camp tourism will experience the process of private car travel to car travel change.
3, auxiliary conditions
Policy - the State encourages the development of tourism. The construction of self driving car advocate camp under the State Council, all promulgated the development planning and policy. RV camping has become the "13th Five-Year" tourism investment focus, planning to 2020 will build 1000 self driving car parks.
A culture of RV culture gradually into the public view. With the expansion of economic development and foreign exchange window, car culture is no longer unfamiliar to Chinese consumers, are from "minority culture" gradually toward the general consumer groups.


Since the Chinese after joining the WTO, in the car tax rate fell sharply from 80% to 40% under the stimulation of foreign car imports will have a strong momentum, high-end products into the domestic market. In recent years, the domestic promotion plus camping, RV exhibition, wake up the national car consumption enthusiasm, due to the huge base of domestic automobile consumer groups, can predict the future car consumption group in the domestic is enough.


According to the latest data show that China's vehicle population has reached 264 million, of which 154 million cars, a car license group 244 million, a huge car ownership and car license group, become the driving force, car travel has become the norm. 2016 a week before the Spring Festival, the highest toll road toll stations, reaching 98%. The amount associated with self driving travel related to the amount of gasoline trading grew by 39%, self driving leisure travel, self-help holiday travel has become more and more people choose the new year.
Car travel as a new way to travel to car as the carrier, will be fully combined with travel and life, in life, happiness within. A stylish way to travel RV travel as favored by people, but also led to the rapid growth of car industry.


The social and economic development, enhance the consumer's ability to make the car, for China people is no longer strange, a former American road movie on the road of "home" has now come to us. Following the tour de France, driving an rv...... In the past can be seen in the television scene, become a reality in china. In Beijing, Shanghai and Dalian city with rich tourism resources, car consumption is no longer far beyond reach. However, the tourism industry is China RV in the primary stage of development, the need of social cooperation can be achieved in the future market.
As the state of the tourism industry to encourage investment policy, accelerate the construction of the car around the camp; investment and publicity LED car concept popularization and consumption continued warming; large companies in traditional industries gradually involved in the multi impact car parks, leasing industry development, in the future for a long period of time will continue to maintain a high speed car growth is expected to 2020, annual car sales will be more than 20 thousand taiwan.