The braking system is the first element of the safety driving of the modified vehicle

A good car faster, but also to slow down, when an emergency situation, even if only a short braking distance of 1 meters, can have quite different results, so the upgrade of modified brake system is so simple. It is particularly necessary to improve the power of the vehicle after the upgrade!

The braking system is the first element of the safety driving of the modified car.

Brake modification of high quality, high temperature resistant to change, and the market is to make the disc temperature rise slowly, so to improve the heat resistance of the brake, as long as the use of high quality and large brake pad and the brake disc is good. But also do not forget to transfer the pressure of the brake oil ah, poor quality of the brake oil when the temperature is easy to vaporization, the formation of bubbles in the brake pipe, but also caused the brake failure is a major cause.

Brake disc: the lever principle tells us that the brake caliper away from the disc, the stronger the braking force, while the smaller the required pedal strength. In addition to the mechanical reasons, the brake disc is another important function of efficient radiator of a large area, responsible for the heat generated by braking diffusion into the air, so from the perspective of pure performance of brake disc is better.

Brake: brake caliper for a large piston can directly improve braking performance (improve car ratings - of course but also with the rim perspective type.). The reason is very simple, large brake calipers, with the total area of the brake rubber is also large, of course, good braking effectiveness.

Brake: brake tubing tubing is used most of a plastic material (such as rubber) is relatively easy to manufacture, interface leakage and inhalation of water, but also in high strength when the brake pipe will expand by heating and compression, so that the brake pedal stroke and variable length effect pedal feeling. And with wire braid manufacturing racing brake tubing (brake hose) not only heat, and solid wire layer can provide good protection, the possibility of the brake hose from outside the punctured greatly reduced, is a worthwhile investment conversion. Common oil brands are Goodridge and Earl 's, most of the models are available for the suit, and some professional equipment for vehicle modification company more rare tailor-made.

Brake: brake oil oil is "water" very strong material, infiltration of moisture in the air after the boiling point will be reduced (the boiling point of water only 100 degrees ah), with common DOT4 brake oil as an example, the boiling point of 230 DEG C when dry, 1% water infiltration, the boiling point is reduced to only 118 degree! Therefore, if you love the depth of experience often car performance, then it should be replaced and brake oil (in dry environment).

Note: modification of the braking system should pay attention to the distribution of braking and braking force balance before and after the big easy to make the front wheel tire lock problem is not too much, but the most steering failure of braking force on the brake when the car allergy prone to instability or even circle slip, accidents (such as the ABS system can be reduced the phenomenon of locking, but each time the brakes are touch ABS is not always healthy).

Finally, we remind you again! Do not own the brake disc processing (such as drilling), without the calculation of soil processing will seriously affect the rigidity of the disc, not only not durable, but also more likely to brake when the disc burst and cause accidents.