steel balls introduction knowledge

Ball bearings are the most important part, but also the most used rolling bearing industry body.



Its quality directly affects the quality of the bearing. Ball production process after the ball that is self-cleaning, automatic visual inspection (automatic reject nonconforming product), automatic anti-rust, counting packaging, are balls of Key Quality. Ball Ball visual inspection process is an indispensable process. Ball visual inspection includes surface scratches, rust spots and other aspects of the detection surface.



What is a ball filled with coefficient  How to determine the amount of load balls  Ball Mill drum, with a diameter of 2-4m, 3-10m long cylindrical, tapered on both ends of the cover; attached to the hollow shaft.



Mounted on the hollow journal bearing, gear driven by the cylinder rotation. The inner wall of the cylinder liner equipped undulating wear steel armor, barrel equipped with a large number of steel balls having a diameter of 25-60mm. On one end of the cover into the hollow shaft coal and hot air outlet end of the powder mixture gas, coal drying and grinding simultaneously. When the rotating cylinder, ball and coal under the centrifugal force, armor is brought up to a certain height and then dropping the crushed coal, but also by the squeeze bulb with the ball, between the ball and the armor, and rolling abrasive, grinding coal into coal, since the desiccant from the outlet out.



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