In 2016, more than half of the imported brake pads failed. Did you have the car on the list?

As the saying goes, the car must run, but also brake! A car, dare to trust, bold running, the key is to see the brakes do not work, otherwise it will lead to security incidents.
In February 20th, AQSIQ announced the spot check of brake linings for imported automobiles in 2016. The car brake linings mentioned here are commonly called brake pads".
AQSIQ released information shows that the national total of random inspection of imported automotive brake lining 469 batches, detected 278 failed, the rate of failure of up to 59.3%.

NBD auto (micro signal: NBD-AUTO) access to the national quality inspection administration website found that over the past few years, the national quality inspection administration were conducted checks, unqualified rate in 2014 was 47.5%; 2015 unqualified rate was 48.4%. This means that in the past three years, the failure rate of imported brake linings for automobiles has been increasing steadily.
"If the brake linings for installation in the vehicle failed on the car, the risk will be great; if the car in the end customer service, can avoid the risk, but the current car end customer service supplier purchase channels more complex dragons and fishes jumbled together." An auto brake industry expert told NBD motors.
From 2016 checks the origin of products, goods checks involving a total of 18 countries, including Japan, Germany, Italy, the number of American and South Korean checks are relatively high, accounting for the total sample of 85.5% batches of sample; from the brand, involving a total of more than 40 brands, including BMW, Mercedes Benz, TOYOTA, Volkswagen, Subaru the vehicle brand, and this kind of TMD, Brembo auto parts suppliers.

NBD car call the Dezhou city as a substandard product being advertised and the Subaru sales company, the relevant responsible person said, "February 20th Dezhou City Quality Inspection Bureau has received a notice on the production of 26696AG031 type brake lining from Japan to stop selling the new product has not yet received the offer."
In addition, the AQSIQ on the spot checks of the results, packaging and marking unqualified 251 batch, accounting for 90.3%; friction performance failed 50 batches, accounting for 18%; shear strength failed 6 batches, accounting for 2.2%. (Note: the same item may also involve a number of nonconformities).
Compared with the 2015 sampling results, packaging and marking batches of substandard products accounted for 2016 rose 16.7% in 2015, the friction performance and the shear strength of batches of substandard products accounted for 2015 were down 49.9% and 38.9%.
"This change indicates that the overall quality of the brake linings for imported automobiles is obviously improved because of the impact of the unqualified packaging and marks on the relative friction performance and shear strength." An auto repair experts said.
In fact, in recent years, AQSIQ is not only for the import of automotive brake lining random checks, while the domestic car brake lining is also conducted random checks. "From the current spot check results, the domestic car brake lining pass rate is significantly higher than imported cars, the highest pass rate has reached 80%."." The brake industry experts told the NBD car.
Although the sampling failed, involving many brands, many owners said their car caused psychological shadow. It is recommended that you NBD car owner: brake is indeed a key part of the braking system, braking performance, and other auxiliary components such as brake pump and electronic control components cooperate with each other, can play a role, so on the brake quality at the same time, also need to pay attention to other parts of the situation.