Milking parlor layout and planning

  1. Cows channel

    which way the cow into the parlor to be squeezed from the channel region and the launch of the milking parlor channel should be straight, so that the moving speed of the cow was fast. At the entrance there is a turn reduces the movement speed of the cows, and it will interfere with the operation milker. If you do not set Debu turn, should be provided at the outlet should not be located at the inlet. Also avoid stairs and ramps located at the entrance parlor. From the milking parlor to the barn to set path. Common is a single channel, a group of cows milk after finished squeezing through to the front and back parlor. From the barn milking parlor back channel should be wide enough to accommodate tractor scraping manure board through. Milking hall exit channel width should be 82 to 90 cm, to avoid the cows turned in the channel. Channel can hose or polished steel production. Exit channel should be designed to enable lying cow was quickly removed. It should also be easy to quit channel selection cows, easy catch cows in need of treatment.

2. Rapid Exit milking bullpen rapid exit milking, can be a set of all the cows through the front gate or a single cow cows head raised railings exit milking barn. Herringbone parallel parlor or fast exit channel should be set up on both sides of the milking parlor, which will require both sides are set grouping parlor door. Because both sides of the exit channel, if grouping, disposal, treatment in the milking hall, then quickly export settings inappropriate. Single herringbone parlor exit channel, you can make milker can operate the buttons in the tunnel from the goalkeeper grouping cows driven to dispose bar or with self-locking neck flail bullpen. In setting the split gate entrance parlor, the cows can be grouped zone from the disposal area, inspection area, treatment area.

 3. When the crowded area

 (1) building requirements to be crowded area. Be crowded area before entering the milking parlor where cows waiting area, in general, to be crowded area is part of the milking hall, also known to be crowded hall. If small-scale dairy farm, milking barn may be directly connected without having to build another area to be crowded. In order to reduce the impact of rain and snow on the road leading to the milking parlor, the need to set a ceiling on the walkway leading to the milking cow. Crowded hall to be 1.6 square meters per head of cattle in the area, but when the transformation of different batches of cows, milking area milking area continues to work to be crowded area should be increased by 25%. The angle of the ground to be crowded hall should be designed to be squeezed from the milking parlor to gradually reduce the hall into a slope, the slope of 2 ° ~ 4 ° is appropriate. In the construction area to be crowded time to consider how much the milking position, the cows in to be milked every crowded area to stay for no more than 1 hour.

(2) to be environment milk area. The best way to use natural ventilation, the roof opening and the openings under the eaves, to meet winter ventilated to remove moisture vapor and heat; spacers can be used to do the shutter, closed in winter, open all summer ventilation, both to ensure ventilation needs, and reduce investment in machinery, the disadvantage is not guaranteed air quality. Such as the use of mechanical ventilation, positive pressure ventilation should be used to avoid the crowded hall barn and be connected to the foul air drawn in, the same, it should not be crowded hall of the air drawn into the milking parlor. To determine the appropriate amount of ventilation fans, and set the appropriate intake port to be based on the capacity of the size of the crowded hall, proper ventilation rate. If summer is too hot, crowded area to be requested to provide the necessary facilities for summer cooling, such as fans and spraying equipment,