Milking machine routine maintenance

Milking machines are more sophisticated equipment, the operator must always observe carefully its operating status to ensure that there can be a problem in time, to avoid greater damage to the machine. In addition to regular milking equipment detects the system, but do routine maintenance is also essential.
1. Timely cleaning parts, and to prevent standing water inside
Each milking is completed, all parts should be cleaned after the milk. Cleaning method is: first rinse with water, then into the hot detergent, washed with a brush, and finally with 80 degrees Celsius hot water clean, dry spare; at the same time, after cleaning, to discharge the water in spite of the Passage .
2. Always check the wearing parts replaced immediately found the problem
Always check the teat cups, claw, milk pump check valve, lose milk tube, vacuum tank wearing parts such as seals, to see whether it is normal, found the problem change at any time. Such as when cleaning the teat cup liner split out in the wash, and the water temperature is too high to prevent deformation; at the same time, to check the teat cup liner is intact, as has been the phenomenon of leakage or leak milk, indicating that has been damaged, it should be replaced.
Always check the milk pump check valve, such as valve diaphragm rupture, the air will enter the milk pump, therefore, must always on hand to prepare a milk pump check valve in emergency preparedness; regularly check the vacuum cleaner regulator, sensors and vacuum belt , wipe with a damp cloth vacuum regulator valve, seat, etc., with sensor filter cleaning soap, dried and then loaded on; thumb pressure pump belt should be 1.25 cm tonicity, belt wear or damage should be replaced ; replacement or adjust the belt, you should check whether the two wheels in a straight line.
3. regular maintenance pulsator, vacuum pump maintenance
Careful use of milking equipment, so as to avoid damage to the machine. Such as a vacuum pump at without oil, vacuum pump oil should be added; pulsation during use, due to all the different local climate, prone to dust, water vapor into the freezing phenomenon, so regular cleaning maintenance pulsation, a pulsation see the rubber film is intact, whether the wall of the hole and the atmospheric flow, and assembled, according to 40-70 beats / minute pulsation frequency adjustment is good and ready for use.
Before starting the vacuum pump, vacuum pump oiler must confirm whether there is oil, check whether the oil into a smooth, touch the vacuum pump housing, the temperature should not too high; there are all kinds of debris allowed iron, with raw materials, etc. fall into the vacuum inside, so as not to shorten life. (