mercedes benz on the eight cold knowledge.


Mercedes Benz as the inventor of the car, people feel very orthodox". Compared with the same level of BMW, Audi slightly higher price, distinguished identity revealed no doubt. In fact, there are a lot of fun in the Benz more than and 100 years of history, has also failed a pinch. Today, you come here to talk about small, Mercedes Benz on the six cold knowledge.




Originator N0.1 Benz G is a 6X6 car. Military vehicles from originator of Benz G level, but not military off-road vehicle Oh, but for the production of the Mercedes Benz car military 6X6 during World War ii. The shape of the car and the design of the ordinary car is no two, the biggest feature is the design of the 6X6 of the three groups of axles, can carry up to 6 passengers. This appearance look extremely evil, Captain America the villain in the red skull car prototype is that it may. G1 has been replaced by the end of the 30s into a double axle structure of off-road vehicles G5. For the early development of off-road vehicles, Mercedes Benz's status significance.



N0.2 Mercedes Benz 600 owners are mostly leaders. Mercedes Benz 600 is the top luxury car Mercedes released in 1963, when the price is $20 thousand. Mercedes only made 2677 Mercedes 600, which is only 428 cars long wheelbase Pullman hardtop version. And this version of the car owners are almost national leaders, from a historical point of view, the status of Mercedes Benz 600 higher than Rolls-Royce mirage.



N0.3 Benz Gullwing doors was originally a technical staff hobson. Many people think that Benz Gullwing doors, designers from the painting looks so beautiful. In fact, this design comes from Mercedes Benz Le Mans racing W194, is a technical engineering design. The car was an aluminum tubular frame, weight only 50 kg. If the traditional door, the stiffness of the frame will decline. But can not install the door, but no one can be specified where the door hinge. So the technical staff on the hinge device placed in the roof. W194 became the 1952 Le Mans winner, technology and design are a great success.


N0.4 the world's fourth largest aerospace manufacturer - Daimler Benz The Aerospace Corporation. Mercedes Benz Trident symbolizes landing, sea, air three business, Daimler Benz The Aerospace Corporation is responsible for the empty business. And the status of The Aerospace Corporation is higher than the car, Daimler Benz The Aerospace Corporation is the world's fourth largest aerospace manufacturing enterprises. Its business, including military aircraft, satellites, defense systems, is not feeling more on the Mercedes benz.


N0.5 $about 1700000 Mercedes Benz yacht. Say "empty", we will talk about "sea", Mercedes Benz in 16 years listed a $about 1700000 luxury yacht. What wine cellar, lifting the panoramic sunroof this vulgar configuration can not talk about, integrated light control system, automatic hidden anchor this high-tech configuration is the protagonist. Global Limited 10, Mercedes Benz said we do not want to rely on this to make money, just pretend to force it.


N0.6Mercedes benz ranks among the most easily stolen luxury cars first. The National Insurance Crime Bureau, NICB, has released a report that points to the top ten of the most easily stolen luxury cars in the United states. Among them, there are 3 Mercedes Benz, Mercedes Benz C class also topped the list. In the TopGear collection in the country of Albania, there are a lot of old Mercedes is stolen. Not only are the rich like Mercedes Benz, it seems that the poor also like


You must not know the six cold knowledge about "Mercedes Benz"