Many risks to change the brake device.

There is many risks to change the brake device

When it comes to the brake system modification, may be the first reaction of all people is to change the calipers. Yes, replace the brake caliper higher specifications can indeed improve the immediate braking performance of the vehicle. However, the replacement of a multi piston brake calipers, large line brake disc, brake friction plate competition would definitely be good? Not necessarily.

The basic principle of the brake is: the driver depresses the brake pedal, the brake oil pressure to the brake master cylinder, the piston pressure liquid through the pipeline delivered to each wheel brake calipers, brake piston driven card clamp the brake disc, resulting in huge friction to the vehicle deceleration.

The brake pedal, the brake pressure applied to the pump oil on the brake caliper is equal to the pressure at the piston (hydraulic system, the pressure is constant). When the pressure is constant, the greater the piston, the greater the force area, the greater the braking force. However, not necessarily the piston, the total contact area is large, so the greater the braking force is not necessarily. Here is an example, some brands of two models of the brake caliper, the size is similar to that of a is the "big four piston", B is "six piston", but because of the four piston that single piston piston piston area is huge, six single small area, finally all together, the total area of the total surface a the product of >b, so the big four piston calipers this brand to brake force is better than six piston calipers (in the brake pad and the brake disc size under the same circumstances).

Modification of the braking system, to see the total contact area of the piston. The more, the brake caliper volume should increase accordingly, mean weight is larger, the overall performance of the vehicle is not necessarily a good promotion. The larger piston area, need more to push the piston brake oil pressure, maintain the stability of the piston, it is necessary to consider whether the output of the brake pump, otherwise, the big piston area is empty. And the total pump supply is insufficient, the piston is not enough to pump enough force, is a very dangerous thing, so the brake device is still a "volume"".

Then, as an ordinary user, in the case of a limited budget, no need to go to war to replace the brake caliper, often by replacing the high performance brake pads, brake disc, can get very good promotion. System analysis, an antidote against the disease, to spend money wisely, it can be modified to maximize the effect of the braking system.