maintenance the brake discs is the most importance thing for your car

The rainy season is coming, in the rainy season most likely accident , because rain weather wet floor, which will affect the car brakes results, also there is dirt on the brakes discs, then will influence the braking effect of the car, so owners usual maintenance of the brakes system parts to avoid the bad thing happen.
Many owners will not experience brake pads wear situation, in fact, this is an early wear and tear, which is generally composed of several causes.
1, the brake caliper brake system of long-term damage caused by brake not return, so that sheet and plate (drums) resulting in long-term drag grinding wear extraordinary serious.
2, the original car brake pad design a small area in the long term speeding, frequent braking, under overload work and long-term use at high temperatures, is causing the main reason for severe brake wear.
3, poor brakes or drum material and structure is likely to cause early wear of the brake pads.
4, brake materials used in brake pads and undesirable friction layer design density unreasonable (too small), but also one of the reasons resulting in severe wear of brake pads.
To avoid this phenomenon, owners can use their car matching brake products. Replacing brake pads brake pads disc brake thickness best time to step on the brake plate may be employed a method to check, and check the thickness of the brake pads drum brake shoes on the brake shoes must be pulled from the brakes out before Haka.
General vehicle under normal driving conditions, the brake pads front brake life of 3-5 million km, brake pads rear brake service life of 12-15 thousand kilometers. However, both the brake pads on the brake disc or drum brakes on brakes, manufacturers have specified thickness not less than 1.2mm, because, by all practical measurements show: 1.2mm before or after the brake wear and peel off faster.
Therefore, in order not to affect our normal travel and ensure the normal braking effect, the owner usually you need to do in this series of maintenance work, attention to detail, this will achieve a multiplier effect.