The tourists and the British people, the London Taxi's image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the appearance of the car has always been the "Han Han service time" of the British people for more than 70 years.
So, when Geely Holding Group, a wholly-owned acquisitions in February 2013, the London taxi company, the British people and the government are all very happy, one from the China automobile enterprises to save us "landscape".

Four years later, and the significance of this project is far more than that, this is not only China's auto companies in the UK's first green investment, but also the first in the UK in the past more than and 10 years to build a new production base.
In March 22, 2017, the London taxi company held a new factory in Anstey inauguration ceremony, the British Minister of Commerce Greg Clark excited said: "Ansidixin completed factory will bring hitherto unknown contribution to the development of modern industry in the uk."
An unprecedented enough to show the significance of this project to the uk.


From the signing of the contract, the foundation to the completion of the plant lasted only two years, which highlights the close business partnership between China and britain. The new plant will create more than a thousand jobs in the region, as well as by increasing the proportion of parts suppliers in the UK and the EU, bringing more than 500 other jobs in the uk.
More importantly, it is the UK's first focus on the production of electric cars factory, factory of the future will be the main research and production of zero emissions and ultra low emission London taxi, as well as a series of zero emission electric light commercial vehicles, the first line will be a new generation of London taxi TX5, the essence of designing new TX5 the heritage of 70 years of classic black cabs, keep its iconic design style, and on the basis of optimization and innovation.



Demand for zero emissions and ultra low emission vehicles based on the modern city, a new generation of black taxi, passengers will fully meet the functional requirements and the contemporary city development needs, increasing the use of plug-in hybrid system, the zero emission highlight London taxi in the field of energy saving and forward-looking leadership.
"Electrification, electrification is the future trend of the development of the car, we will be in a variety of ways to encourage more British taxi drivers to use this kind of ultra low emission of new taxi." British business secretary Greg Clark said.
In recent years, Geely Holding Group at all levels of business are increasing investment in new energy technologies, and for geely. Anstey will become the new engine in the development and manufacture of new energy vehicles.
Until now, Geely has invested 300 million pounds for the construction of Ansidixin factory and Geely British frontier research center, the future investment amount has been increased to 325 million pounds.
"Geely Holding Group in the hope that the future can continue to integrate global resources, played by British R & D in the field of new energy vehicles and personnel, to provide solutions for a more diverse global future city traffic, should make contribution to the Sino British Trade and economic and technological cooperation." Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Chairman Li Shufu said.
The future, called the factory will give full play to the internal Geely Holding Group synergies, and the Volvo automobile electric power mature assembly system, build a new platform for lightweight electric vehicle.
The new plant set up R & D and production in one, with a total land area of 100000 square meters, of which the production base planning an annual output of up to 30000. The new plant is not only R & D, production in line with the needs of modern urban environmental protection, in the plant construction and production standards, but also to the ecological criteria. The factory built 850m - solar panels, power plant 20 electric vehicle charging pile. At the same time, the factory was rated BREEAM (the British Institute of building environmental assessment method) "outstanding architecture", and in the energy performance of a grade.
The completion of anstie factory, is an important milepost Geely globalization strategy and new energy strategy in the process of establishing the factory next to the British frontier research center, will bring together top engineers around the world attention, to create a new lightweight electric vehicle. It is reported that the next generation of London taxi TX5 in addition to the end of 2017 in the UK market, will also be landing in the international market in 2018.


As the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Chairman Li Shufu said, Geely will continue to increase R & D and production facilities, and the sustainable development of the London taxi business that Britain has a huge space for cooperation of mutual benefit and win-win.
Chinese ambassador to the UK, Zhu Qin said: London taxi factory is an important testimony of the golden era of Sino British cooperation, but also a model of cooperation between China and the UK business. The factory has injected new life into the British classic black taxi, and will help Geely to compete in the international arena. We look forward to working together to promote greater cooperation between China and britain."