Late news will directly affect the steel price trend

November 08, futures, the latest news: this year, the price of steel and air quality has been linked, North China's weather forecast has become almost a steel market forecast. North has not yet started heating, haze has been rampant, the current northeast, North China has a large range of heavy pollution process, the biggest impact area of 630 thousand and 380 thousand square kilometers.

The recent steel prices crazy pull up, many traders can hardly operate, purchase if the price sellers continue to rise in fear, many people think that when the steel price is already risk, the market has entered a state of Madness on Friday. The screw up aside, because of the recent period. The trend has been stronger, Tangshan issued a limited production, steel enterprises stuffy furnace circular to primer insufficient market added a fire, the steel city, pull up the fire burning up. Friday near the work time, Shanxi mills raised the collective guidance price of 100 yuan / ton, including steel, steel, steel, Jin Jianbang, Licheng Taihang and other leading steel mills. The Saturday market Henan market relay, an Gangmin source raised 160 yuan / ton, New Asia raised 130 yuan / ton, the new wire is up 150 yuan / ton, Qingyuan all increase 170 yuan / ton, prices rise is really started to doubt life.

In fact, rise up, do not be too tangled, in this wave of unilateral rising market, almost all traders are profitable, but how much profit problem, in fact, we are most concerned about is how to get the late steel prices to the torrent or stop?

On the current market, the positive is still greater than the bad. Positive factors: 1, the screw and stand on the 2700 straight 2800, hit new highs for the year, steel prices and market sentiment is extremely important supporting factor. 2, the cost of not only increase, at present the price of coke cost has accounted for more than 35% of the cost of steel, and the beginning of the year accounted for only about 20%, now coal prices almost ate steel prices all the profits, even part of steel rebar in current feedback that basic edge loss, late start rate will continue to decline. 3, environmental issues will continue, this weekend the whole North China, central China market severe haze, although there is news that Tangshan revoked the air quality warning, but next week the market will continue north heating, air quality will become worse, Tangshan limited production will not significantly relax. Negative factors: 1, the demand is still weakness, with the northern cold weather, the site will demand shrinking, and environmental inspection will cause shutdown of parts of the site. 2, prices rose too fast, especially the futures market profits heightened once the futures trend inflection point, the spot market will also appear obvious panic. 3, if we find a bad word, that is the real estate, the second half of the year, real estate regulation, cooling case It is often seen.

In summary, the current market still occupy the dominant position of positive factors, but the current price has been significantly inflated, suggesting short-term operation, set up mental stops and the expected height unchanged short-term bullish, but late news will directly influence the trend of steel prices, bring to the market uncertainty, the market will continue to around depending on the market.

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