In winter often do six major mistakes for cars

In very cold season, in addition to the car warm, there are many aspects need to pay attention to, a lot of friends want to maintain his car, but because of improper methods of self defeating, today we take a look at the winter easy to make owners mistake, talk about how we make car safe for the winter.

Error: snow timely cleaning vehicle

Many of my friends are not very diligent in winter wash, wash feel today tomorrow and snow is white washed, in fact, this idea is wrong. Because usually the snow corrosion component, either paint, or chassis wheels, tires, long covered by snow will be hurt. If not promptly cleaned up, the car paint will be greatly reduced. So, after the owner must promptly wash, do not delay.

Reminder: after washing must be timely, even if the weather forecast shows the next few days will snow, don't put off the car. As long as the snow covered, should immediately rinse away the snow. In addition, the open water wash easily into the keyhole, because the snow cold weather especially easy to freeze the lock core. So wash the best able to tape the keyhole sticking to prevent water.

Error two: the use of liquor instead of antifreeze liquid

Some of the owners of friends in winter with liquor or alcohol instead of antifreeze, in fact, looking cheap, not cheap to use up. Wine is a flammable liquid, very easy to produce alcohol vapor and fire, but the trouble is that the wine can not be put out the fire, the general bubble is not valid, must use anti - soluble foam fire. In addition to alcohol volatile frost resistance is not stable, low boiling point easy to boil, if only occasionally emergency or can.

Reminder: antifreeze or to use a professional qualified, plus the amount of antifreeze to be suitable. The engine cooling system should be checked before filling in the antifreeze solution, and then it should be eliminated in time to add antifreeze. In addition, according to the different regions and models, the owner should choose different freezing point and model of antifreeze liquid.

Error three: the window ice to take the boiling water to pour

Some owners see their car is covered with ice and snow, the first thought is that their car to a hot bath to chill, but do not know this behavior will lead to the explosion of the windshield, but also damage the car paint. In fact, in addition to the correct method of ice, is to start the engine, open car heaters, automotive glass special snow shovel from the ice cracks gradually eradicate ice. If the snow gave the car a hot bath is the practice on the car by the sudden temperature change will hurt the car paint, and the windshield of the car may burst in the pouring hot water.

Reminder: to deicing, can start the engine, open the car in the car with special glass of warm air, ice and snow, ice from the ice cracks gradually eradicate. After washing can not directly rinse with cold water, especially in the front of the car engine temperature, high temperature, wash with cold water will cause rapid cooling, very detrimental to the surface paint. The correct way is to wash the car, start the car to open the heating system of the car, and then use warm water to clean the car. After washing should open the door to wipe the traces of water, to prevent the door of residual water freezes.

Error four: blind start wiper

Rain night car wiper can easily be frozen in the window, so the owners of rain and snow the morning drive to check whether the wiper is frozen, not blindly start wiper. To find out if the wiper is due to snow or frost stick on the windshield, do not directly washed with hot water, so easy to make the window because of the temperature change and explosion also resulted in the wiper deformation.

Reminder: winter cold weather use before the first check the wiper, wiper blade is frozen in the window. If you go out in the morning and found the wiper is due to snow or frost on the windscreen of the stick, do not wash with hot water, so easy to make the window because the change of temperature crack, deformation of the wiper. The correct method is the air conditioner to hot air blowing mode, rotation to "windshield wiper block, soon will naturally open. This is not convenient on brush damage. In addition, the snow stop for a long time it can also prevent the wiper up frozen wiper.

Error five: rain and snow road rapid acceleration, braking

Winter weather is more slippery road surfaces, reducing the coefficient of friction between the tire and the ground, the driver control of the vehicle is becoming more difficult, if the operation is not easy to make the vehicle sideslip.

Reminder: the snow driving process don't screw up clutch and a sharp acceleration in the start or not, jerked the wheel, but should control the speed of the vehicle speed. When the vehicle needs to be slowed down, the method of changing the low block can be adopted, and the braking of the engine can be fully used. Try to use emergency brake, or use the point of braking.

Error six: non slip chain can be easily installed

In addition to deal with snow and ice road with winter tires, to the car to install a set of chains is also good way. Some owners think that the chain can not be installed on any wheels will do, as well as the owner of the car to see the skid chain is loaded with two wheels feel very strange, why not four wheels are installed? What should be paid attention to in the installation and use of non slip chain?

Reminder: first make sure your car is front wheel drive and rear wheel drive, because the tire chain must be installed in the group played a major role on the. Automatic car should be paid attention to in the two front (rear) and install anti-skid chains, do not use skid chains on a wheel, because it is very easy to damage the automatic transmission. Also pay attention to the choice of the size of the wheel to match the non slip chain, the installation of non slip chain speed not more than 50 kilometers per hour. When the vehicle brakes, avoid sharp turns and continuous idling etc.. In the snow and ice road, avoid walking in with sharp material and good drying Road, when the vehicles without the use of anti-skid chain road should be promptly removed.