How dangerous is the drip from the exhaust pipe?

Many car owners do not know what is the reason for the drop of water in the exhaust pipe of an automobile. It is not known whether it is good or bad The dripping of the exhaust pipe is a very common thing. I believe many of my friends who are driving frequently have been asked, "how can the exhaust pipe leak?" Is the car broken?


The principle of water drop in the automobile exhaust pipe!

Automobile exhaust pipe water because the complete combustion of gasoline is generated after water and carbon dioxide, water is water vapor at high temperature, water vapor is colorless and transparent at high temperature, but when the temperature is below 100 degrees, water vapor will condense into water, if the condensed water droplets are small and suspended in the air, water vapor it appears as a white gas, the ambient temperature is low, white smoke is water vapor; if the condensed water droplets accumulated, it turns into water.

Automobile exhaust pipe drop is a normal phenomenon, the normal work of the engine, full combustion engine has good atomization effect, if the exhaust tailpipe came out of the fog with the engine in good condition (which can be seen in the winter time).


Summary is:

The car gasoline burns completely, the gasoline turns into the water vapor, the water vapor condenses through the metal exhaust pipe to become the water bead, the water drop forms the water, the water drop flows out the smoke pipe to become the dripping water, this is the good phenomenon. The car for a period of time, the piston piston ring and cylinder wear, oil burning, smoke tube will emit blue smoke. Some incomplete combustion, that is, black smoke!

Why is the more upscale cars more likely to drip?

In fact, to achieve the "drip pipe" phenomenon, at least to meet the 3 conditions:

1, the mixture of gasoline and air than correct: that your fuel system is in good condition.

2, the engine cylinder pressure normal: This represents the engine cylinder interior has not worn, cylinder, sealing ring and so on these parts are no problem.

3, the exhaust pipe temperature is low: this means that your engine heat is concentrated in the cylinder, only a small amount of heat does not spill into the exhaust pipe, indicating that your engine output horsepower. If the exhaust pipe has a high temperature, water vapor does not condense into water droplets.

How to determine the drop of water is normal?

Engine drip is a normal phenomenon, but there are exceptions: if the cooling water tank in the engine leaks, the cooling water is exposed to the combustion chamber, which will cause the exhaust pipe to drip. If you feel like your car is dripping, you can rule out the water in the engine's cooling water tank.