Heat treatment is the core fastener of high strength bolts.


Opportunities and challenges in the manufacture of high strength bolts
High end machinery and equipment to the high strength bolts to create unprecedented opportunities for development. Do not solve the "three major problems" will be difficult to achieve the desired goal, it is difficult to reach the international advanced level. Solving the "three big problems" needs to solve three levels of problems: one is the independent intellectual property rights; two is the economic sustainability; three is the long life, high reliability, structural weight reduction technology.

First of all, to change the idea, to recognize the space for the development of China's high-end machinery manufacturing, mastered the key technology and enhance the core competitiveness, abandon those transform of rhetoric persuasion, willing developed technology setter, market for technology and other misconceptions, from the previous "Introduction and imitation lag, then import and imitation..." , paste, copy, cottage version of the products liberated, to accelerate the development of fasteners heat treatment without delay.
Second, we must fully understand the "three big problems", realize the high strength bolts of long life and high reliability, the structure weight is a revolution: from the high strength bolt "forming" manufacturing to technology revolution anti fatigue manufacture; the solution of "with and without" into a key high strength bolt support of high-end machinery manufacturing the concept of sustainable development revolution; from the final inspection index into process control management revolution; low technology, from the passive to the quality of employees, active high technology revolution; from the cheap labor, the abuse of the environment and resources into high value-added, humanization, low emission and green environmental revolution etc..

Heat treatment gives the fastener material limit properties
To speed up the development of heat treatment should be a national strategy of our country. In the international environment has undergone significant changes in the situation, from the current situation of China's heat treatment and existing problems, necessity of speeding up the development of fastener heat treatment, the urgency and importance have been prominent mentioned before us.
"Heat treatment" is a technology that uses heating and cooling to control phase transformation, microstructure, residual stress field, and gives the material ultimate performance and high strength bolt limit service performance. It is not only a scientific theory, but also a kind of practical technology. Practice is very strong said that advanced heat treatment process with the material and high strength bolts, and constantly innovate, and constantly develop and progress. It can be seen that no material can be left without heat treatment, no high strength bolts do not rely on heat treatment. It is pointed out that the heat treatment is one of the only two technologies that give the material limit performance, and the high strength bolt limit service performance.
Heat treatment and making technology, cutting technology is different. Cold forging billet, billet, billet casting and welding billet can make certain shape and size of blank, very conspicuous. Cutting process can produce all kinds of precision, beautiful high precision bolts, very open eye. While the heat treatment technology is fastener manufacturing "internal medicine", to give high strength bolt is the performance, neither show mountain, nor dew. To this end, although the heat treatment in the high strength bolts of the economic sustainability of the chain, many times higher than other technical value, but it is not taken seriously. In spite of the heat treatment to give the material limit performance, the high strength bolt limit service performance, but was marginalized, the subsidiary of the. In violation of the formalism, quick heat treatment, the core technology of this material, high strength bolt, high-end machinery and equipment, were excluded from the national science and technology development planning and key technology, not to focus on support; and professional education professionals degenerate, loss, shortage, backward technology and backward, and foreign the advanced level in the gap widened again. It is no exaggeration to say that the heat treatment was marginalized and affiliated, is China's high-end mechanical equipment, high strength bolts "three big problems" an important reason, is also an important reason for China's fastener in the low-end manufacturing and weak competition.
Heat treatment technology to promote the development of high strength bolts
Advanced manufacturing technology is the advanced technology to support the development of high strength bolts, heat treatment technology is an important part of advanced manufacturing technology, plays an important role in the development of high strength bolt, high-end machinery and equipment. As we all know, there is no "ingredients" is not a material, there is no "heat treatment" is not the same as the material. However, the importance of "composition" is often recognized in the traditional customs, but the important role and status of heat treatment is not known.

Heat treatment is directly related to the material power, there is no heat treatment innovation is no material power. China's heat treatment technology has already restricted the development of material power, material heat treatment technology is original. As they do not pay attention to the heat treatment, the lack of innovation and development of advanced materials to restrict the development of innovation, there is no heat treatment innovation, there is no advanced materials.