glass mosaic knowledge

Glass mosaic: Glass mosaic and glass mosaic tiles called or cellophane skin brick. It is a small-size color finishes glass. According to national standards (GB / T7697-1996), glass mosaic (GLassMosaic) can be divided into the molten glass mosaic: silicate as the main raw material, high temperature melting and molding was opaque or semi-opaque shape, containing a small amount bubbles and unmelted particles of glass mosaic.

Sintered glass mosaic: the glass powder as the main raw material, adding an appropriate amount of adhesive or the like pressed into certain sizes of green; sintered at a temperature and glass mosaic.

Venus glass mosaic: containing a small amount of bubbles and a certain amount of metal crystalline particles, with a clear case of light flashing glass mosaic.

Properties of glass mosaic: it is the most secure building materials, which is made of natural minerals and glass, light weight, outstanding environmental protection material. Zero water absorption, resistance to acid and other chemical corrosion, is most suitable for decorative building materials areas near water. It can be used as decoration bathroom, shower, swimming pool, fountains, pools and other landscape. Colorful and bright, never fade, small size, is making art puzzles and mosaics of the best materials. Using different color mosaic can design the most complex puzzles.

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