General situation and development trend of auto parts industry

1, China's auto consumption will grow significantly in the future, significant increase in cars and gradually entered a period of maintenance, auto parts industry is expected to usher in the golden age of development
In the automotive sector, China has become the world's largest consumer, the next few years, entered a period of rapid development of vehicle consumption in China, according to Ministry data, 2012 national automobile industry enterprises above designated size industrial output totaled 5.29 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.8%, at the same time, industrial concentration to improve further. Data also showed that in 2012, maintained moderate growth in China's car market, sales a month more than 1.2 million vehicles, sales exceeded 1.5 million units a month on average, cumulative sales of more than 19 million vehicles in 2013, still maintained a steady growth in the first half. Marketing Research Director, development research center of the State Council Wang is expected by 2015 and 2022, China thousands of people own approximately 115 and 230 respectively, with a total population of about 160 million and 325 million unit, new car production and sales of about 26 million and 39 million units. Obviously, the rapid development of China's vehicle market will significantly stimulate the development of auto parts industry.
2, the rapid development of China's own brand vehicles of the future will further promote the development of the automotive parts industry
With levels Government on independent brand car support efforts of gradually enhanced and various support policy of gradually implementation and perfect, society on independent brand car of concern degree of further improve, domestic independent brand car consumption market will gradually widened, domestic as BYD (59.59,1.710,2.95%), and Chery, and wall, and Changan, and hippocampus, and Faw, some well-known brand has has has must of market scale, in recent years market share yearly upgrade, Thus led to the long-term development of China's auto parts companies.