Common types of brakes editor

First, the drum brakes:

In the wheel hub mounted inside the two semi-circular brake pads, the use of "leverage" to promote the brake pads and drum brake pads so that the inner surface of the contact and friction.

Second, disc brake:

To control the brake calipers clamp two brake pads to the brake disc wheels. When clamping disc brakes, which cause friction between the two.

When the car driving on a wet or icy road surface low friction, excessive brake if the situation occurs, the wheel brakes are locked and lose traction, resulting in loss of ability to control the direction of the vehicle. In order to make such a dangerous vehicle on the road can effectively control the way forward, then developed ABS "anti-lock braking system."

Increasing performance of ABS "anti-lock brake system" on the occasion of the capability also allows the TCS-Traction Control System "Traction Control" and VSC-Vehicle Stability Control "vehicle stability control system" (equivalent to ESP) to control the vehicle tracking performance when driving, and vehicle stability control during cornering.

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