Chain of auto parts industry introduction

Vehicle industry chain, auto parts industry is a part of upstream industries are mainly steel, petroleum, non-ferrous metals (3981.78,5.650,0.14%), rubber, cloth, and other materials, the downstream industry is mainly car assembly industry and service industry. 90, United States research results show that the auto industry rose 1 Yuan each, upstream industry will bring value added 0.65 Yuan, bring downstream industries 2.63 yuan of added value in the automotive industry value chain, auto parts value of approximately 50% per cent of the entire automobile industry chain.
(1) the upstream industries
Auto parts used in the production of the main raw material for steel, petroleum, non-ferrous metals, rubber, cloth, and other materials associated with upstream industries bigger, especially the petrochemical, steel, nonferrous metals and other raw materials belonging to futures commodities, once volatile prices will have an impact on industry profits.
(2) the downstream industry
Car parts of downstream General is divided into car whole car production and car maintenance service, car whole car production enterprise of development status directly effect to car parts production enterprise of production business, with car whole car industry of fast development and development, addition, with China car keep volume of constantly upgrade, especially large car into maintenance period, car maintenance service industry also will with of ushered in development of opportunity, to led car parts industry of fast development.