ceramic tiles type and kinds

Tiles, tile, refractory metal oxides and is a semi-metal oxides, one acid via grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, sintering of the process, and the formation of ceramic or stone, etc., architectural or decorative material, called tiles. More of its raw materials by mixing clay, quartz sand, etc. from.

Country Sort:
Ceramic tile water absorption equal to less than 0.5%;
More than 0.5% water absorption of porcelain stoneware is less than equal to 3%;
Water absorption fine stoneware less than 3% 6%; water absorption, stoneware tiles than 6% up to 10%;
Ceramic tiles water absorption greater than 10%.
Water absorption expression:
Ceramic tiles> 10% ≥ stoneware tiles> 6% ≥ fine stoneware> 3% ≥ porcelain stoneware> 0.5% ≥ porcelain tile.
0.5% to 10% water absorption half summarized as porcelain
In accordance with zoning: outside wall tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, square brick, brick industry.
By molding division: brick dry pressing, extrusion molding brick, brick molding plastic.
By burning ingredients: oxidizing tile, reducing tile.
By glazing points: glazed tiles, unglazed tiles.
By water absorption points: ceramic tile, stoneware tile, fine stoneware tiles, stoneware tiles, ceramic tiles.
By sub-species: polished, antique bricks, tiles, Full cast glazed, polished crystal tile, ceramic stone, split tiles, square tiles (tile culture).
Divided by the production process: printing bricks, tiles, spot tile, crystal tiles, unglazed tiles.