Brakes pads can change only one or not?

Relevant car repair expertise and practical experience, coupled with a certain job site tools and equipment, can be their own replacement. If you do not possess the necessary expertise to cars, the best way is to 4S shop to replace the brakes, the brake system of the vehicle is critical, do not blindly operate their own hands.
Brake pads, also known as brake pads. In the car's braking system, brake pads is the most critical safety components, all the good and bad brakes braking effect plays a decisive role sheet, so that the brake pads is to protect the good of God's people and cars.
Points to note: Replace brake shoes piece Incidentally check the brake oil, with lines such as plugs to be inserted in place, have to pay attention to the direction of the direction of the brake pads removed later to check the brake disc, brake cylinder mounting bolts deformation, whether normal activities, some are ceramic brake pads would be a drop resistance.


ZIBO BAIWANG MACHINERY CO.,LTD  remind the majority of drivers to change the brake pads on time.