brake pads knowledge and types



Brake pads, also known as brake pads. In the car's braking system, brake pads is the most critical safety components, all the good and bad brakes braking effect plays a decisive role sheet, so that the brake pads is to protect the good of God's people and cars.

Brake pads generally consists of steel, insulation and adhesive friction blocks, to go through the coating to rust-proof steel, the coating process using SMT-4 Temperature Tracker to detect the temperature distribution of the coating process to ensure quality. Wherein the insulating layer is made of non-heat transfer material, the purpose of insulation. Friction block friction material, a binder, when the brakes are pressed on the friction brakes or brake drums, brake deceleration of the vehicle so as to achieve the purpose. Due to friction, the friction block will gradually be worn, in general, the lower the cost of brake pad wear faster. Friction materials after use should be promptly replace the brake pads, otherwise the brakes will be in direct contact with the steel plate will eventually lose braking effect and damage the brakes.

Automobile brake pads from the sub-types are:

- Brake pads for disc brakes

- Brake shoes for drum brake

- To make films for large trucks

Recipe from the technical points are: semi-metal, less metal, asbestos, ceramics.

Brake drum brake shoe is tops, but most people call the system refers to the brakes on brake pads and brake shoes, with "disc brakes" to indicate the particular disc brakes coat brakes. Not the brakes.