brake disc or rotor structure

Disc brakes (discs)divided  into a solid disc (single disc) duct plate (two-piece plate).

Solid disc easier for us to understand, plainly, is solid. Duct plate (Vented Disc), as the name suggests has a ventilation effect. From the outside, it has a lot of empty holes leading to the center, known as the duct on the circumference. Cars in the exercise at the air flow through the duct, for cooling purposes, and a lot better than a solid cooling effect. Most cars are precursors, premarket frequency meter wear large, so the use of front air duct plate, solid rear discs (single disk). Of course, there are front and rear duct plate, but the difference between the production cost and not outrageous.

The first image in this article to punch marking tape, and its braking performance is slightly improved heat dissipation, but have a greater brake pads wear. DIY modified brakes, Tips: 1 disc material must be good enough, not too much on the strength of defects, such as large pores, trachoma, does not allow shrinkage. 2. The hole spacing and size distribution, and so on, because the multi-drill a hole, where the strength of the weak bit. Disc rupture, the consequences could be disastrous. 3. symmetrical sharing. As balance disc is severely damaged, there will be some impact on the spindle during driving. 3. This is a hard project, cautious hope. Without professional guidance, it is best not to act recklessly.

Punch crossed brakes, also known as "high-speed disk" or "modified disk", it is generally fitted to high performance cars, such as racing, sports car or a sports car. With the rise of the domestic auto industry in recent years, this modification of the wind, there are a lot of riders yourself DIY, get punch crossed brakes then dress yourself from a variety of ways. Perforated brake discs crossed double-edged sword, with the benefits of his disadvantages also exist, but this brakes on brake wear will increase, on the brakes with the processing requirements of the material requirements are relatively high. Many small companies posing as Europe, Taiwan, Japan and other manufacturers in the production of high imitation brand brakes, need a lot of players like to pay more attention to DIY.