Automotive fastener - surface treatment



There are a lot of process flow in the production of automotive fasteners. Today, we will introduce the surface treatment of automotive fasteners in the end what is. Surface treatment has the following ways:
A color with sulfuric acid soap boiling drying can maintain 3-5.
Two, phosphating: Iron and steel in the phosphating solution in the solution of the treatment, in the surface of the formation of a layer of water insoluble crystalline phosphate film.
Three, to p benefits: in order to make good cold phosphating cold heading molding, cold scale can eliminate cold brittleness of parts, and is good for electroplating, go after the part surface is not Easily conductive.
Four, phosphating process of dipping and spraying method: 1, dipping method: suitable for high, medium and low temperature phosphating process, can handle any shape workpiece. Features are simple equipment, do not need phosphating Tank and heating equipment, the best use of stainless steel or rubber lining tank, stainless steel heating pipe on both sides of the slot. 2, spray method: suitable for middle and low temperature phosphating process, can handle large area

The casing of the automobile, the refrigerator and the washing machine is characterized in that the processing time is short, the film forming reaction speed is fast, and the production efficiency is high. General Iron and steel phosphating treatment process is: chemical removal of oil - heat
Wash - cold water wash - Pickling - cold water wash - phosphating treatment - cold water wash - phosphating treatment - DI water - dry.

Five, the alkaline blackening process: Oil - water - acid - Wash - Cleaning - water - soaked black passivation cleaning antirust oil.
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