Automobile parts related to industrial policy and industry regulations

Auto parts manufacturing industries are automobile manufacturing base, is more and more important role in the national economy, supported by industry for the country. In recent years, the relevant ministries of the State issued a series of supporting auto parts and vehicle manufacturing industry structure adjustment and industrial upgrading, and to promote automobile consumption, standardizing management and stimulate automobile consumption, and promoting regional economic development policy and regulations. Car parts industry of policy oriented concentrated in five a aspects: encourages parts manufacturing enterprise using financial tool, improve enterprise international competitiveness; encourages parts manufacturing manufacturers into transnational car Group global procurement system; encourages parts industry through established development center, produced, and learn, and Institute phase combined, upgrade China parts industry of technology; support in key field formed has independent intellectual property of technology; specification export order, formed ordered competition. Currently, the auto parts industry is more important laws and regulations:
A. for the promotion of the continuous and healthy development of China's auto exports (November 2009)
B. the auto industry restructuring and revitalization plan (March 2009)
C. the automobile industry development policy (revised 2009)
D. the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice on the opinion on the automotive industry structural adjustment (December 2006)
E. allow the auto trade-in subsidy and vehicle purchase tax deduction policy while you enjoy the notice (January 2010)
F. the issued < auto parts "Eleven-Five" special planning presentation > (steam [2005]033 article)