Auto parts industry professional knowledge

Auto parts: bumpers (bumpers), shock absorbers, brakes, transmissions, axles, wheels, radiators (radiator), mufflers, exhaust pipes, clutches, steering wheels, steering columns and steering parts.
Does not include: motor vehicle lighting equipment manufacturing, include 3991 (vehicle-specific lighting and electric signs equipment manufacturing), manufacturing of automotive instruments, meters, included 4122 (auto and other counting meters manufacturing), trailer, semi trailer parts, included 3724 (motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing).
Auto products are mainly divided into five broad categories: engine parts, chassis parts, body parts, electrical parts, common in other parts.
Each class specific of fine class as Xia table: big class details gasoline engine electric control system, and high pressure pump, and injector, and I pieces, and piston, and piston ring, and piston pin, and bearing, and valve, and shake arm, and shake arm axis, and valve is column, and valve putter, and valve spring, and thin arm cylinder sets, and other cylinder sets, and no asbestos cylinder pad, and other cylinder pad, and into exhaust tube pad, and carburetor, and gasoline pump, and booster device, and in the cold device, and air filter device, and oil filter device, and fuel filter device, and filter, and thermal device, and Silicon oil fan clutch device, and electric fan, and muffler, and row steam purification device, and Cylinder block, cylinder heads, crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, flywheel, flywheel, balance shaft, oil pump, water pump, oil cooler, thermostat,
Other engine parts transmission Assembly, and automatically hydraulic transmission, and points moving device Assembly, and take force device Assembly, and gear, and synchronization device tooth ring, and sprocket, and clutch device Assembly, and diaphragm clutch device, and gear tooth article steering machine, and gear tooth article power steering device, and cycle ball steering machine, and cycle ball power steering device, and steering pump, and anyway lever, and steering section, and steering section main PIN, and ball head pin, and disc type brake, and brake disc, and brake clamp, and brake hoof, and drum type brake, and brake drum, and hand brake, and vacuum power device (total pump), and hydraulic brake total pump, and Hydraulic brake wheel cylinder, hydraulic brake components, brake air compressor, air brake components and an anti-lock (ABS), constant velocity universal joint, cross-shaft universal joints, drive shafts, shock absorbers, suspension, suspension of oil Springs, leaf springs, torsion bars, stabilizer bars, wheels, aluminum wheels, steel wheels