Auto parts industry appears new tuyer


February 4, 2017, the national development and Reform Commission issued a strategic emerging industries focus on products and services directory 2016 edition. Fine. The "Catalogue", the 8 auto parts products involved, including automotive electronics, new energy motor and control system, the new energy automotive electrical accessories, plug-in hybrid engine, special energy recovery system, fuel cell and materials, auto parts and components manufacturing and 3D printing.
Among them, some of the emerging industries have attracted investment boom in the industry. Today, in the directory under the guidance of these important auto parts will attract more investment in the industry, the future development of auto parts industry, the tuyere"





Auto parts remanufacturing
Auto parts remanufacturing covers the engine and its accessories, transmission systems, braking systems and other components. In Europe and the United States, auto parts remanufacturing technology, processing, sales and other aspects of the formation of a complete system, auto parts recycling. China's auto parts remanufacturing is a new industry.
In the relevant policies to promote, especially in 2016 to allow the scrapping of the five major automobile recycling and remanufacturing policy, auto parts remanufacturing will usher in rapid development in 2017. Although fewer types of China's current auto parts remanufacturing, concentrated in the engine, generator and other products, but have to diversification, focus development, manufacturing quality and market system gradually perfect, remanufacturing research and application progress of industrialization and achieved initial success.


3D print
As a kind of rapid prototyping technology, the application of 3D printing in the field of automotive parts is not uncommon. China's Ministry of science and technology has been included in the national high technology research and development of 3D printing technology, and set up the world's first 3D printing industry alliance.
The traditional car consists of thousands of components, and the world's first 3D printing car Urbee2 about 50 parts, greatly simplifying the production process. For various reasons, 3D printing technology will have a profound and lasting impact on the automotive parts industry.
Recently, University of Nottingham, the United States to develop fuel efficiency can improve the 3D printing auto parts. Although because of the limited variety of printing materials, printing technology and other factors, the production of 3D printing parts is still in the exploratory stage, but the auto parts enterprises should also be timely attention to the advanced technology, to prepare for future large-scale application.


Brake energy recovery system
Braking energy recovery is one of the most important technologies in electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. Affected by different vehicle conditions and other factors, the general energy recovery 10%~20%. Therefore, more and more new energy vehicles use braking energy recovery system. The braking energy recovery involves many aspects, such as vehicle control, power battery, drive motor and so on.