Auto industry analysis report

Auto parts industry as the auto industry's upstream industries, is the base of the automotive industry, is long-term focused on supporting the development of national industry. According to the published by the National Bureau of classification and codes for national industry, auto parts and accessories industry refers to the manufacture of motor vehicles and their various parts of the body. Adjusted by the 2003 National Bureau of industrial classification, the sectors of the national economy code is: C3725. Includes:
(1) auto parts: clutch, transmission assemblies, transmission shafts, actuator Assembly, the front axle Assembly, rear axle, axle, differential Assembly, final drive Assembly, front and rear suspension spring Assembly;
(2) automotive parts: bumpers (bumpers), shock absorbers, brakes, transmissions, axles, wheels, radiators (radiator), mufflers, exhaust pipes, clutches, steering wheels, steering columns and steering parts.